Credit Card Policy

Purchasing options. 

NOTE: The church is tax exempt and is not required under the law to pay sales tax.  The church is registered with some area vendors with a tax-free business account (e.g., Ace Hardware, Batteries Plus-Madison).  Tax free purchases should always be pursued when purchasing for church business.

  1. Local vendor with a church account.
  2. Phone or online orders.

When goods and services are procured for the church, the vendor should be requested to bill the church so payment can be made directly to the vendor. This is especially important for large purchases since it will allow the treasurer and financial secretary to arrange to make incremental payments as necessary. Copies of all relevant invoices are to be submitted to the church office as soon after the purchase as practical.

The church has established accounts with many local businesses that send monthly statements for payment (e.g., toilet paper and hand towels for the restrooms). When dealing with these businesses, charges (which have been pre-approved by the chair of the affected ministry team account) should be placed on the church’s account.

1. Personal items may not be charged at any time for any reason.

2. There will be NO cash withdrawals.

3. Only pre-approved ministry-related items are appropriate to be charged. (If there is a question, talk to the board, committee, or ministry team chair.

 4. Purchases exceeding $500 need prior signed approval by the chair of the affected ministry team. This can be done by completing a “Credit Card Purchase Approval Form” and having it approved as by the chair of the affected ministry team, committee, or board.

5. Detailed receipts are required for each purchase. Each credit card user is responsible for including receipts for each charge and returning them with the credit card seven (7) days after the credit card is signed out.

6. In cases where a receipt is lost, please provide relevant information on the purchase, such as what was purchased, date, amount, and detail of the item in question.

7. Lost or stolen card must be reported immediately.

8. The board of trustees and treasurer will enforce these policies. The board of trustees will periodically review statements to ensure that documentation and credit limits are followed.

9. Each card user (purchasing agent) will sign a copy of this policy at the time the credit card is issued.

10. Use the Wisconsin Sales and Use Tax Exemption Form S-211 with your purchase, so that the church is not charged tax on taxable items.