Worship Suggestion Process

The Worship Ministry Team welcomes ideas, comments and suggestions for our
Worship Services as well as affirmations on what is working well.

The process for submitting ideas, comments and suggestions is as follows:

  • All submissions must be in writing (or fill out the form below).
  • All submissions must include the name of the member submitting the idea as well as contact information in case we wish to contact you for clarification or additional information.
  • No anonymous submissions will be accepted.
  • We welcome comments on what is working well.
  • Submissions should include a reason/explanation for the suggestion or idea of what you would like to see changed to Worship services. Include how this would positively impact the Worship Service.
  • Submissions will be reviewed by the Worship Ministry Team in consultation with the Pastor and Music Director at the next available meeting.
  • Worship Service is the role of the Pastor in coordination with the Music Director.
  • You will receive a response from the Worship Ministry Team once the suggestion has been reviewed, discussed and decided upon.
  • Suggestions may be submitted to any member of the Worship Ministry Team.
  • Suggestions can also be placed in the mailbox for Worship in the North Coat Room.
  • All suggestions will be reviewed and discussed, but not all suggestions will be approved or implemented.
  • Substantial changes may require additional review and/or approval by the Council and possibly the Congregation.

You may fill out this form to make a suggestion as well.