Worship Host


Hosts three main responsibilities. 

  1. Welcome guests to worship.
  2. Look for people who look confused or need help, and help them :-).
  3. Encourage worshippers to exit the building to fellowship outside. 


Please arrive ½ hour before worship begins.  

Please go to the office to get a clipboard with a list of Luke 15 members and medical questionnaires.  

As worshippers enter, there may be some who have not signed up in advance, including especially guests.  Greeters will send these worshippers to the Worship Host. Guests and members are required to read and sign the medical questionnaire.  If the worshipper is a guest, please ask for contact information as you are able, eg, “Can I have your name and way to contact you so we can thank you for joining us in worship?”

Any information or notes you can leave for Pr. Craig to follow up is greatly appreciated. 

Guests: If we have reached capacity limits, ask the guest to wait, check the Luke 15 list, and invite an appropriate number of Luke 15 members to take seats in the Narthex, which they will be very glad to do. Your discretion is a gift.

Members not on Checklists: Church members who have not signed up online may be seated in the Narthex.

Ushers and Greeters focus on dismissing worshippers and sanitizing high-touch surfaces. Host says goodbye and encourages worshippers to exit bundling to fellowship outside. Hosts also look to pitch in wherever possible.  

Check in Sheets
Please place any notes or information gathered in the blue folder in the office labeled “Worship Sheets.”