What to Expect from In-person Worship

Here are a few things to expect from in-person worship.

Sign-up: Sign-up is required for members but not for guests.  We have a group of members–Luke 15 Group–willing to give up their seats should capacity limits be exceeded. Those who give up their seats in the sanctuary will be seated in the Narthex.

Arrival: Please arrive 15 minutes prior to worship to allow ample time for entry and seating. Both North and South entrances will be open. 

Entry: Greeters will be at both entrances to check in members and welcome guests.  Face masks covering mouth and nose are required for entry and will be provided as needed. Dots are placed on the floor inside the building to ensure social distancing is maintained at all times.  Touch-free hand sanitizer stations are placed in the Narthex to sanitize hands before entering the sanctuary.  Touch-free hand sanitizer stations are inside both mens and womens restrooms.  

Sanctuary Seating: An Usher will be at each of our two side sanctuary doors. The middle sanctuary door will be closed and will not be used.  The usher at the door will ask how many in your group will be seated together, and then signal to an usher at front who will find seats for you and call you forward.  There will be three empty seats between each group.  Face masks covering the nose and mouth must be worn at all times.  

Because we are taking care to maximize seating capacity, worshippers will not choose their own seats but will be seated by Ushers.  

Worship:  Once you are seated please remain seated except when directed to stand during worship. Do not move around the sanctuary to greet others.  We will pass the peace and collect the offering safely. 

Sanctuary Exit: As worship concludes, ushers will dismiss worshippers by rows to ensure an orderly exit.  Please do not stop to visit in the Narthex, as it would create a bottleneck.  

Parking Lot Exit / Entry: 9:00 a.m. worshippers should exit the parking lot by 10:30, to allow 11:00 worshippers to arrive and park.  

Between Services:  Our doors will be locked at 10:30 to allow our Ushers and Greeters to sanitize high-touch surfaces. Doors will be reopened at approximately 10:45.