Wedding Policy

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Church Policies

Windsor UCC is an alcohol-free facility. It is expected that the wedding party will not use alcoholic beverages preceding or during either the rehearsal or the wedding ceremony, as this is grounds for cancellation. Guests at the rehearsal or wedding under the influence of alcohol will be asked to leave.

Windsor UCC is a smoke-free facility. Smoking is only allowed outdoors.

Eating and drinking is not permitted in the sanctuary.

Windsor UCC is handicapped accessible with an elevator in the north entrance.

The use of obscene or offensive language is not permitted.

Windsor UCC is not responsible for lost, damaged, stolen property, or items left at church. It is your responsibility to see that items you have rented or borrowed for your wedding are returned promptly following your wedding. Please assign a responsible individual to collect those items prior to leaving the church for your reception. Windsor UCC will not be responsible for any of those items. The wedding couple assumes responsibility for any damage, loss, or breakage to any church property or furnishings.

Sanctuary chairs and hymnals may not be removed for weddings. The hymnals are not to be used as props or flower stands. Seasonal decorations in the church at the time of the wedding may not be removed. Rearrangement of furnishings or furniture in the church, including the communion table, baptismal font, lectern, candelabra, piano and drum set is not permitted.

Legal Restrictions

The Office of the County Clerk issues marriage licenses. Apply for your marriage license several weeks before your wedding date. Bring your marriage license to the wedding rehearsal for signatures. The church office will mail the license to the County Clerk for you.

Wedding Costs

When either person in the wedding couple are members of the church:

One check for the above fees, made out to Windsor United Church of Christ, should be given to the pastor no later than the rehearsal date. Non-members are asked to make a 40% deposit when arrangements are first made. The deposit will apply to fees to be paid.

Fees can be found in the brochure.

Contact Information:

Windsor UCC: Barb Varner, secretary: 608-846-5731

Rev. Dr. Julie Overman: 608-216-8805

Director of Music: David Schipper: 608-669-0278

Facilities Coordinator: Mike Magnus: 608-843-3363

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Congratulations on your engagement! We are happy for you and look forward to helping you plan a wedding that honors your love and the love God has for you as well. We hope that this brochure will help answer some of the questions you may have. The pastors and staff of Windsor United Church of Christ are available to assist you during this happy time.

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Setting the Date

The date of the wedding itself should be set early: several months or more in advance if possible. This will ensure the availability of the church on the date of your choice. The following days are not used for weddings at church: Sundays, New Year’s Eve or Day, Holy Week, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and the days of festivals at church.

Planning the Service

The couple should make an appointment with the pastor to plan the worship service together. It is expected that the services of one of the pastors will be used. Another pastor may perform a ceremony in the church, or share the ceremony with our pastor, only at the invitation of one of the pastors of Windsor UCC.

The Rehearsal

For a beautiful and orderly wedding, a rehearsal is necessary for all but the smallest wedding. The time will be set in consultation with the pastor. Usually it is best to schedule this the evening before the wedding. When a dinner is planned for the wedding party, it is most convenient to have the dinner immediately after the rehearsal.

Allow an hour’s time for the rehearsal. It is essential that all participants are present and on time, including the wedding couple, parents of the wedding couple, all attendants, and ushers. Please notify each person of the rehearsal time.

The Wedding Day

All participants should be at the church early. The wedding couple and their attendants should also be at the church at least one hour before the ceremony is to begin, possibly earlier if they plan to dress at the church and photos are to be taken. The pastor will designate dressing rooms at the time of rehearsal. Ushers should arrive an hour before the ceremony is to begin, to have time to familiarize themselves with final arrangements, get their flowers (if used), etc. Guests should plan to be at the church at least 15 minutes before the appointed time so there will be no delay in starting the ceremony.


Music can play an important part in the marriage ceremony, hence the selection of the music to be used is key. It must be remembered that the ceremony is first of all a service of worship of God. The music should contribute to the dignity, meaning, and spiritual basis of the marriage service. Our Director of Music, is responsible for maintaining appropriate musical quality in the service. Ordinarily, he provides music for all wedding services. The Director of Music will arrange for a soloist at your request, and also coordinates the tasks of the sound technician. Vocal or instrumental solos may be included if they are “God-Centered” rather than “romance-centered.” Not all romantic secular music or popular music with special meaning for the couple will be suitable for use in the church. The pastor and Director of Music have the authority to make the final decision in this matter. Please consider using your favorite music at the rehearsal dinner or reception if it cannot be used in the ceremony.


Please make arrangements with a florist to meet your decorative needs. The church is generally open Tuesday – Friday from 8:30 AM – 3:00 PM for flower delivery. If you choose to leave flowers from the wedding for use in the next regular worship service, this will be made known to the congregation.


If decorations are used on the chair ends to mark special seating, please see that proper precautions are taken to ensure that chairs or any chancel furnishings are not marred. Tacks or any fastening of any sort, including tape that will result in damage, are not permitted.


The couple provides the candle and two tapers for lighting if they choose to include the unity candle in their ceremony. Large candelabras are also available and the church will provide the candles at your expense. All candles must be dripless and the candle wrapper must identify dripless.

Aisle Runner

If an aisle runner is desired, the couple should contact a florist or rental service.

Wedding Bulletins

The church does not provide or print bulletins. Bulletins are optional, but if desired, the pastor will provide the order of service.


Some photographs are permitted during the marriage service itself, however the pastor must approve appropriate staging and placement in advance. The ceremony is a worship service, not a performance. It is recommended that photos after the service requiring the pastor be made first, thus freeing the pastor for other obligations.

Rice, Birdseed and Confetti

Rice, birdseed and confetti are not permitted. Bubbles are permitted outside the church building.

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