Ushers have three main responsibilities. 

  1. Direct entry and seating of worshippers into sanctuary.
  2. Dismiss worshippers by rows from sanctuary.
  3. Deposit offering.


Please arrive ½ hour before worship begins.  

One usher counts attendance; the attendance count sheet is in the green deposit bag. 

Door and Seating Ushers
Worshippers will enter at North and South entrances, will be checked in and advised of masking and social distancing requirements, and will sanitize hands before reaching sanctuary doors. 

Door Ushers: Door ushers  meet people at each sanctuary side door (the middle door will remain closed until worship begins).  Door Ushers ask how many seats are needed per grouping, and signals the number to the Seating Ushers.

Seating Ushers:  Seating Ushers are stationed at the front of the sanctuary, calling forward groups as they are ready to be seated. Seating Ushers will find seats so as to maximize capacity as much as possible, maintaining three seats between each grouping. Seating Ushers will move up the side aisles as the front pews setting has been filled.  

There are four seats at the back of the sanctuary for ushers.

During the benediction, Ushers close the center sanctuary doors and open side-aisle doors. Seating Ushers go down side-aisle to front, dismissing row by row, front to back.  Door ushers stand outside of side doors, a bit into the narthex, directing exit to north and south doors as a way of discouraging socializing in the building.   

Sanitizing cloths and latex gloves are provided.  Ushers sanitize door handles of sanctuary doors, and the push pad and door handles of restrooms.

A green deposit bag will be on a counter in the office.  

For the sake of auditing procedures, two Ushers together collect the contributions from the plates, place contributions in a deposit envelope, zip and lock the envelope, and place the envelope in the office drawer under the counter.

Other and Additional
When worship begins, open the middle sanctuary door. When worship is concluding, close the middle sanctuary door.