Treasurer Update: Good News in 2020

Dear Friends,

As we close out the year, and while we do not yet have final numbers, I am glad to report that we will end this difficult year 2020 on a high note.   

Our congregation generously supported our ministries through the summer and fall, but especially in December with gifts of nearly $40,000.  Part of this giving came in response to our Live Nativity to support Orion Family Services—approximately $1,600.  Another part of this giving were your Christmas gifts to the congregation, totalling about $1,500.  Most heartening were so many of you who contributed to the General Funds that make our ministries possible.

Thanks to the work of our Office Manager, Barb Varner, and help from Settler’s Bank, we qualified for a forgivable PPP loan of $39,000 from the Federal government. We have used these funds to offset personnel and utilities expenses, and thus the loan will be forgiven and we will not be required to pay back a balance.

Finally, our expenses have been lower because of many reasons owing to the pandemic.  

Again thanks to all of you for your support during this difficult year.

God Bless,
Dwight Mueller

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