Safety Standards

Social Distancing

  • Social distancing of six feet at all times except within family units or social circles with whom you safely and regularly share space. (Social Circles defined
  • Social distancing is maintained during entry into and exit from building and does not allow for fellowship in the Narthex or Sanctuary before and after worship.  

Face Masks

  • Face masks covering nose and mouth are required for entry and must be worn at all times inside the building.
  • Face masks required for children over five years of age, and suggested for younger children.
  • Single masks of at least 2 layers cloth required; double maskings is advised
  • Single fabric neck gaiters, bandanas, ski masks do not meet safety standards. 
  • Face shields may be worn in addition to face coverings, but are not a substitute.

Attendance, Entry

  • Sign up is required for attendance, with provision for inviting guests.
  • Health screening will be required from each attendee and/or family (dependent on system being used)
  • Both North and South entrances are open.  
  • Hands sanitized upon entrance. 
  • Elevators may be used by one family unit at a time.  
  • Limit of two people in restrooms at one time. 

Building Access

  • Accessible areas are North and South entrances, elevator, Narthex, and upstairs restrooms.  
  • The Lower Level, including the Nursery and restrooms, will not be accessible and cannot be used.

Capacity and Worship Service

  • Initial capacity will be limited to 50 worshipers, and 15 leaders (staff, musicians, technology assistants, and helpers such as ushers, greeters)
  • Congregational singing will not be allowed at this time.
  • Alternative, “no-touch” means will be used to pass the peace, collect offerings, and the like.
  • Hymnals and Bibles will not be used, but music and text will be projected
  • Holy Communion may be celebrated if done safely.  

Cleaning and Hygiene

  • The building is cleaned before and after use.  

CancellationCancellation of in person worship for at least 2 weeks will be considered if percent positivity is >10% per Public Health Madison and Dane County Dashboard.  (