Support Afghan Refugees preparing for their first Wisconsin Winter at Ft. McCoy.  

A group of military veterans with experience serving as first responders, Team Rubicon, is organizing this drive to supply needed items such as winter clothing, toys, prayer rugs and outerwear to Refugees housed at Ft. McCoy.

Because of the scale of the need and complexities of distributions, used items are not being accepted; instead, our congregations, other churches, and community organizations are ordering items online and sending them directly to Ft. McCoy. 

Our congregation has already contributed $3,000 toward this endeavor through our Outreach and Mission budget. Our committee is also applying for a grant from the Southwest Association of the United Church of Christ.  We invite the congregation to contribute as well to help us reach the total goal of $5,000 of support for Afghan refugees. 

In addition, our 5th and 6th grade Sunday School class will help purchase items on-line with the funds our congregation provides, learning about compassion and empathy for all peoples, along with the power of combining our resources.

To give a tax-deductible contribution: 

  • Give online at (choose refugees)
  • Text “refugees” to 608-527-0250
  • To give by check, designate “refugees” on the memo line. 

For more information please contact Dawn Collins, Outreach and Missions Chair, or Charna Kelsey.