Safe Worship Greeters


Greeters have four main responsibilities:

  1. Greet worshippers warmly.
  2. Check in worshippers (check in sheets provided) and admit guests.
  3. Encourage worshippers to exit the building and to not fellowship indoors after worship.
  4. Help sanitize high-touch surfaces after worship.


Please arrive ½ hour before worship begins.  
Please go to the office to get a clipboard of sign up checklists.  

Greeters will be stationed at our North and South entrances.  Upon entry, Greeters check in worshippers, advising them of masking and social distancing requirements as needed.  

*Guests / Members not Signed up: See note below.  

As worship concludes, when ushers go into the sanctuary to dismiss congregation by rows, go to Narthex to encourage worshippers to exit the building and fellowship outside. The Worship Host also assists with immediate exit from the building.  

Sanitizing cloths and latex gloves are provided.  Greeters sanitize door handles of church doors, handrails, and elevator buttons.  

Check in Sheets
Please place completed check in sheets in the blue folder in the office labeled “Worship Sheets.” 

*Guests / Members not Signed up
We have created a role of Worship Host to welcome, greet, and seat guests, and smooth complications should members attend without signing up in advance.  Greeters should refer to the Worship Hosts any guests or members who are not on check in lists.  It is advisable for Greeters to read the Worship Host role and responsibility description.