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An email is sent to Facebook Livestream Worship Hosts each week. The links change each week, but the way we host remains the same.  All you need is a facebook account and you can help with this ministry, remembering that many or elder members worship on-line, and our on-line worship will include guests joining us wondering if we are a church that makes them feel welcome.

Here is an example of the email sent to Facebook Hosts each week:

For Hosting Tomorrow

Please join as soon as Livestream begins and…

  • …make sure to respond from the WUCC Facebook account rather than your personal Facebook account.
  • …say hello to members as they arrive, and Like comments and hellos.

Please take special care to reach out to New Members and Guests

  • Jean Wendtland (our newest member)
  • Gene and Nancy Nadar: Will become members at next council
  • Sue Schrieber: behaves like a member and plans to become a member, but hasn’t contacted me about it yet.  
  • Any new person whose name you don’t recognize, reach out in some way to greet and welcome.  If any follow-up is possible, please let me know.

Links for Announcements : I will talk through these links. Please copy and paste in each as I mention each. 

  • Safe Worship
  • http://windsorucc.com/safeworship/
  • Medical Advisory Team
  • Our / Windsor UCC Safety Standards
  • Our / Windsor UCC Medical Questionnaire

After the Confession as we Pass the Peace of Christ, please…

  • Love each time someone passes the peace.
  • …Press the Love button repeatedly all other times 🙂

During Offering Time: 

  • http://windsorucc.com/give/

Sign-up to Serve Host Livestream Worship