Facebook Host


Facebook hosts four main responsibilities. 

  1. Paste in links during announcements and worship. 
  2. Respond to members before and during worship.
  3. Give special attention to new members and guests, and follow up with Pr. Craig.
  4. Take attendance and email list to office@windsorucc.com


Friday / Saturday
An email is sent to Facebook Hosts each week. 
The links change each week, but the way we host remains the same.

Please join as soon as Livestream begins
Start by posting to introduce yourself as today’s host.
Say hello to members as they arrive, and Like comments and hellos.

Links for announcements will be sent on Friday / Saturday. 

During Worship
After the Confession as we Pass the Peace of Christ, please…

  • Love each time someone shares the peace.
  • Press the Love button repeatedly all other times 🙂

Please take special care to reach out to New Members and Guests

  • Any new person whose name you don’t recognize, reach out in some way to greet and welcome.  If any follow-up is possible, please let me know.

During Offering Time: