Council Update: Communication


During the pandemic, while we have been unable to safely meet for worship on Sundays, we have lost our normal way of sharing new through announcements, bulletins, and over a cup of coffee. We would like to update you on some changes we are making to improve our ability to communicate as a congregation.

Often, we need to share news more frequently than our monthly newsletter allows. When there is news to share, we will communicate with you by email, taking care to use the subject line to indicate who is sending the update and the topic of the communication. This email serves as an example of other communications which might be sent by other committees or church officers such as our Moderator and Treasurer.

These updates will also be posted to Facebook and soon will also be available on our website.

When the newsletter is assembled, these updates will be included for members who do not have an email address. Our newsletter will be distributed in time for members to receive it by mail by the first of the month.

We hope these changes will help us remain connected in the coming year. We are sure there will be a lot of important news to share as the vaccine makes its way to us.

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