Music Groups

About Cornerstone

Cornerstone is a contemporary band comprised of voices (usually 4 at each service), piano, drums, guitar, bass guitar, flute and percussion. We try to make the worship experience fun and uplifting with the music of the day.

Minister of Music:

David Schipper

Cornerstone Praise Band:

David Schipper – Director/Keyboard/Piano/Vocals
Diane Harvey – Piano
Jennet Shepherd – Bass Guitar/Roster and Scheduling
Dave Norby – Vocals, Julie Davis – Vocals
Brea Wipperfurth-Vocals/Brass
Emily Halverson-Vocals
Karen Ferris – Vocals/Piano
Sara Bliefernicht – Vocals
Terri Magnus-Smyth -Vocals
Trevor Hunley – Vocals
Kayla Ferris – Vocals/Percussion
Andrew Mountford – Guitar/Bass/Drums
Chris Grefe – Guitar
Doug Cleary – Guitar
Amy Loose – Drums/Percussion
Cindy Ulsrud – Drums/Percussion
Grifffin Dobson – Drums/Percussion
Cody Dobson – Bass/Drums/Percussion
Willard West – Drums/Percussion
Anna Davis – Percussion
Bryce White – Percussion
Jenasea Hameister – Drums/Percussion
Lauren Bliefernicht – Percussion
Daelyn Midlikowski-Percussion
Geri Otto-Percussion
Addi Otto-Percussion
Christina Metzger – Saxophone/Flute
Christa Hunley – Flute
Reagan Hunley – Percussion
Jackson Hunley – Percussion
Rachael West – Percussion
Terry C. Anderson-Trumpet


Char Palm
Cheryl Johnson
Don Grefe
Jennet Shepherd
Karen Ferris
Paul Fugere
Pete Johnson
Rachel McDonald
Brian Skora
Dave Wipperfurth
Mike Magnus
David Schipper
Jay Hoffman


Jen Vernig
Gabrielle Vernig
Char Palm
B.J. Bower
Dick Bower
Jenasea Hameister
Chris Grefe
Terri Smyth-Magnus
Natalie Smyth

Youth Musical:

Andi Cooper
Janelle Midlikowski
Erin Harvey
Lyndsay Wild
Aaron Lisowe
Karen Ferris

Adult Choir:

Diane Harvey-Accompanist
Marian Drake
Vicki McCann
Pam Cooper
Erin Harvey
Terri Smyth-Magnus
Jennet Shepherd
Karen Ferris
Chris Grefe
Jan Loomis
Bernie Rouse
B.J. Bower
Trevor Hunley
Dave Norby
Terry C. Anderson
Mike Magnus

Men’s Memorial Day Choir:

Darryl Topinka
Ed Krausman
Dave Norby
Terry C. Anderson

Woodwind Group:

Dick Bower
Christina Metzger
Christa Hunley


Terry C. Anderson
Kelli West
Williard West
Brea Wipperfurth

The Worship and Music Committee:

Pam Cooper and Christina Metzger
Chairs, BJ Bower, David Norby, Jennet Shepherd, Karen Ferris

Powerpoint Displays and Projections:

Jennet Shepherd